Welcome to ifSpace, the de facto platform for interactive fiction games, adventures, and books. With this new software, it is now possible to create works of interactive fiction with zero coding, as well as to share these games online across this platform, or offline with the same software available for download on the opensource GitHub repo. Enjoy!


The Universe

The structure of ifSpace is that of a two dimensional, text-based, universe. Upon registering an account, you are automatically assigned a new world somewhere in the universe. As more users join the site, the universe will expand. It is in these worlds where the user's interactive fiction pieces can be accessed and played. Each world also has a short description (limited to 280 characters) which can be edited to anything the world owner would like. This can include an actual description of the world, or it can be something else (like the world owner's social account details or other information). The tools for updating your world can be found on your Ship page.

Getting Started

It is recommended to explore the existing games on the Map page to get a feel for the idea behind Interactive Fiction. Also, it is a good idea to download a few games from the Map and then upload them to your own world (you can always delete them later) to see, in the software, how the games are constructed... like a hands-on tutorial of sorts. Happy adventuring!

Ever Evolving

This platform is new and in beta. It is designed to be scalable, responsive (for play on desktop and mobile), and clean. The design will always be in a state of room-for-improvement, as all things are; and as such will consistently be updated and improved to reach the ever-elusive "finished" state. Please feel free to contact the Curator of the site to offer suggestions, report bugs, or to otherwise comment-on/critique the site.


Feel free to contact the Curator at the following address for any matters concerning the site:


This entire site and its software was created and is maintained by yours truly, curator (Zac Marino). If you would like to support my efforts and the costs of maintaining this server and domain, please consider doing so by buying me a coffee. Thank you!

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy