Welcome to ifSpace, the de facto software for code-free interactive fiction games, adventures, and books. With this new software, it is now possible to create works of interactive fiction with zero coding, as well as to export/share these games in html format (for itch, steam, iframe, etc.).


The ifSpace software is downloadable for Windows, MacOS, and Linux on the Github page. There, you have the option to build the software from source (if you're into that, it's all open-source), or to download the latest release for your operating system as a typical installer from the release section (usually on the right side of the Github page for desktop users).

Here is the Github link: ifSpace-Engine Software.

Please note that these releases are currently not "code signed". This means your operating system will warn you that the software is of an unknown source when you try to install it. In the future this will most likely be remedied (when I bite the financial bullet and pay for code signing), but for now you have to trust the software and ignore the warning... of course, you are more than welcome to inspect the code yourself to see that it is trustworthy - again, it's all open-source and always will be.

Getting Started

Despite being code-free (and probably due to being code-free), the ifSpace software may initially appear to be overwhelming. It is unlikely that a user will be able to figure out its functionality without a bit of instruction. Therefore, I created a (quite long) video tutorial covering the ins and outs of the software such that a new user can get up and running in about an hour (or less, if you can pick up on stuff faster than the video explains it). In the future, I will likely create shorter form video tutorials for individual features if people are interested in that; this might make picking up a certain feature more approachable. For now, the existing tutorial has all of the necessary instruction to create, for example, the "Cloak of Darkness" game (the interactive fiction version of a "Hello World" program, in case you're familiar with that).

Ever Evolving

This software is new and in beta. It is designed to be scalable, responsive (for play on desktop and mobile), and clean. The design will always be in a state of room-for-improvement, as all things are; and as such will consistently be updated and improved to reach the ever-elusive "finished" state. Please feel free to create an issue or to comment in the discussions section on the Github pages to offer suggestions, report bugs, or to otherwise comment-on/critique the software.


The ifSpace software was created and is maintained by yours truly, Zac Marino. If you would like to support my efforts and the costs of maintaining this site, domain, and software, please consider doing so by buying me a coffee. Thank you!